Needed To Post A Bail Bond When I Was Gaming

Hi guys thanks for stopping by. The best way to get out of jail quickly is very simple after learning first hand how to do it. I was on my computer playing a couple computer games when I got a call. As you can imagine I was very startled not only because I was in a intense match on my pc but because it was 3am in the morning. I never get calls this early probably because it was 3 am! Turns out it was my room mate and he needed to be bailed from jail.

bail bonds agentI knew when my room mate answered my ad this day would come. The kind of guy that gets black out drunk and doesn’t remember anything. I guess whoever he was with wasn’t in the mood to baby sit a drunk ass. Being the good guy that I am I stopped playing games and needed to find a oc bail bonds company. At this time of morning it was hard to get anyone to answer the phone. It was kind of funny because many bail bond websites I visited kept saying 24 hour service. When a bail agent finally answered the phone I was so relieved. My relief soon turned into stress when I started hearing all the things that were needed. Especially the amount of bail being in college I didn’t have money saved up on stand by to post bail for my buddy. I hung up the phone and tried one more guy and I’m glad I did.

Chad from Bad Chad Bail Bonds was great. He really made me feel that he was wanting to help me out. Of course he needs to make money too but he even reduced my orange county bail bond amount. Hopefully none of you guy ever need to be bailed out of jail but by chance you do keep Chad’s info handy. I referenced his two sites in the above links.

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